Wednesday, 19 December 2012


The CoBrA group were a group of artists (founded in 1948 in Paris) that wanted to break away from the current expectations of art in Paris. CoBrA stands for Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam, the cities from which the artists in the group came from. These artists aim to create works spontaneously, which is largely the theory behind my own work. I attempt to create works from the emotions I  am experiencing in the moment of painting and in turn hope reflect myself through my choice of mediums. I do this instead of creating from preconceived notions or content.

An great example of a CoBrA artist that has influenced me is Asger Jorn. He utilizes a varied range of contrasting colours which is what I have been trying to achieve in my most recent work, in addition to creating a tactile surface to the painting with bold brush strokes.

Asger Jorn
Untitled (1945)
175cm x 121cm
Oil on Canvas

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