Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Appropriation #1

The painting was named 'Appropriation #1' it is first in a series of works to be created exploring the same themes. Although it is clearly not a direct appropriation (meaning the use of borrowed elements to create a new work) of the objects originally sketched, the intention of the painting is to reflect myself as and artist and a person. As the paintings are largely abstracted the way they are created, use of form and colour is mainly generated as work is done on the canvases. The decisions made during painting, use of a colour here or use of a form elsewhere, are unconsciously informed by my thoughts, feelings and experiences. This is what is being appropriated within the painting.

The painting is created on four separate, identical canvases, primarily for transportation reasons. It is an attempt to try different methods to make my work more accessible, without compromising on the scale. This design also enables the paintings to be expanded, as more canvases can be added if more space for expression is needed. Alternatively each section of the painting can be viewed as if it were it's own painting.

Appropriation #1
224 x 224cm
Mixed Media on Canvas

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